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What is Algolia

Algolia empowers modern developers to build world class search and discovery experiences without any DevOps. 

Libraries with every major language and framework make it easy to enrich your users' experiences. 

Algolia Android Client

API-first search and discovery for your Android apps.

Utilize the Algolia open-source Kotlin client to index your data, configure your search, add analytics and much more.  

Algolia maintains and supports the Kotlin client and highly recommends you use it in your Android applications. 


  • Gives API access to all Algolia functionality, settings, advanced features, and ML/AI products
  • Compatible with InstantSearch for Android
  • Works with Android Studio (recommended) or without
  • Background retry strategy to ensure uptime
  • Seamless batching via iterators to optimize number of network calls
  • Zero downtime reindexing feature


  • Latest release
  • We highly recommend using our Kotlin API client, which is supported and maintained by Algolia. 

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1// Gradle
2dependencies {
3    // [...]
4    implementation 'com.algolia:algoliasearch-android:3.+'
5    // This will automatically update to the latest v3 release when you build your project


1List<JSONObject> array = new ArrayList<JSONObject>();
3  new JSONObject()
4    .put("firstname", "Jimmie")
5    .put("lastname", "Barninger")
6    .put("objectID", "myID")
9  new JSONObject()
10    .put("firstname", "Warren")
11    .put("lastname", "Speach")
12    .put("objectID", "myID2")
15index.saveObjectsAsync(new JSONArray(array), null);


1Index index = client.getIndex("contacts");
3// Add settings
4Query query = new Query("query string")
5  .setAttributesToRetrieve("firstname", "lastname")
6  .setHitsPerPage(50);
8// Perform search
9index.searchAsync(query, new CompletionHandler() {
10  @Override
11  public void requestCompleted(JSONObject content, AlgoliaException error) {
12    // [...]
13  }
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